Seeing double? That's because several of these images are stereo pictures!

This is my homepage!
There are some things you should know about me, some good, some not so good :(
An example of the latter is the fact that I am a diabetic. As a consequence of that, I am also a kidney transplant patient.

However, there is much more to my life than my medical condition!
There are, for example, my cats:

High Rider R.I.P. :(
(aka Jingle Bells) A sorry excuse for a cat!
To see a memorial to my dearly departed Highrider, click here

This picture shows my two currently resident cats. They love to play fight, though the bigger cat, Shadow, was somewhat resentful of the smaller one, Bandit,at first. John calls Shadow "fake cat" because in pictures she often comes out looking like she's made out of porcelin.

This is John's cat, MIDNIGHT. Can you guess how she got her name?

This picture shows two of my young cousins, Morgan age 7 and Halee age 19 months. Also shown is my Brother John, who put this page together without my permission!

No, this isn't all! to see more click here!

To see more of shadow and bandit, click here

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